5 Healthy Dishes You Can Try at Sawa Hibachi

When it comes to delicious, distinctive flavors, few types of cuisine trump classic Japanese fare. Whether you’re cozying up the bar for some sensational sushi or perusing the menu for grilled and sauced options, you can’t go wrong with the array of flavors and textures that Japanese food is famous for.

What is Hibachi?

The term “hibachi” refers to a Japanese style of cooking that translates to “fire bowl”. Meats, seafood, and veggies are expertly grilled and sauced to perfection on our house hibachi grill, giving you a variety of options for experiencing favorite flavors to satisfy a voracious appetite.

What’s on your mind tonight? Sawa hibachi has some healthy, delicious options for you to try, and we are ready to provide you with five-star service and scrumptious food that keeps you coming back for more. Here are some of our must-try healthy options that are yours to savor:

Miso Soup

Start your meal experience off right with this healthy, distinctive soup. Miso soup is a necessity in the traditional Japanese diet, serving as a common side dish for all three main meals. Lovely, light miso broth is expertly blended with thinly sliced scallions and wakame seaweed, cleansing the palette and preparing the tastebuds for a culinary adventure.

Spicy Edamame

Nutrient-dense edamame are great on their own, but this step-up in flavor really takes eating healthy to the next level. Feel those beans sing and pop with the addition of toasted sesame oil, chili sauce, and garlic. Pass around the table or hoard them all for yourself; this appetizer is the perfect backdrop for a healthy entree ahead.

California Roll

The classic California Roll is a wonderful healthy option for sushi enthusiasts. Fresh, creamy avocado, crab, and cucumber adorn the mild and distinctive flavors of nori and sushi rice. Have your award-winning chef slice them up just right!

Triple Jade Delight

One of our healthiest hibachi options, the Triple Jade delight features expertly grilled chicken, beef, shrimp, and classic vegetables, served with ginger and garlic accompaniments. On the side, we have white rice, green salad, and no guilty conscience whatsoever as you enjoy fresh flavors without the need for heavy sauces and textures.

Bubble Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearl

Enjoy a light, sweet refreshing end to your meal with the delightful pairings of mild mild tea and delicious boba. Served green or with flavors like coconut, taro, mango, cappuccino, honeydew, or strawberry, you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth while staying well within your healthy food boundaries for the day.

Best Hibachi Restaurant In Boynton Beach!

Sawa Hibachi Steakhouse is easily the best hibachi restaurant in Boyton Beach and beyond. Featuring classic hibachi grill flavors and an array of impressive seafood, sushi, and classic dessert and drink options, we’ll take your expectations of good Japanese food and elevate them to new heights. Make your reservation today! Contact Sawa Hibachi Steakhouse for more information.

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